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Hello. I'm Paul.


I have 25 years of creative design experience, and I love what I do. Such life-long dedication may be what turned my hair grey*, but I won't let that deter me from doing what I love. I can always dye it.

For me, no project is too big or too small. Each is given the utmost care and the commitment it deserves, as if they were my children. And, like children, there's always one, but you love it just the same.


I've spent my career going toe-to-toe with

• Layout - magazines, catalogues, books, leaflets, brochures

• Posters

• Point-of-sale

• Signage

• Stationary and other print assets

• Packaging and labels

• Brand identity and logo design

• Illustration - both analogue and digital

• Web assets

• Email marketing assets

I'm also well-versed in designing for the specific requirements of the art community, busy professional artists and gallery spaces.


Give me a shout if you need design assistance with

• Exhibition collateral

• Collection brochures, catalogues and books

• Event posters

• Calling cards

• Postcards

• Brand identity, logos and monograms

• Social media assets

• Branded packaging and other marketing materials

• Press release templates

I'm happy to work on anything. If you think I could help you with your design challenge in any way, just ask.

*It probably didn't, but thanks genetics.

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